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Stories We Can Tell from the 50s & 60s


Nostalgia! For those of us who grew up in the mid-late 50s, it's always a kick to go back to the days when things were kinder, happier, and gentler with no worries. Like the Happy Days sitcom portraying growing up in the late 50s.

The magazine, Reminisce, provides an outlet for people who grew up in the 40s -70s to read stories about growing up in that 40-year span. Most are short vignettes about experiences sent in by contributors. Many are about WWII remembrances. To check it out, click on Reminisce. Not all contributions are published.

This blog, Stories We Can Tell, is about the post-WWII generation, we who were teenagers in the mid-50s to the early 60s and our stories about high school, college, Vietnam and the draft, Woodstock, and reunions. I am collecting stories from each of those periods. To read them, click on the appropriate category above.

I will be using contributed stories to supplement my own experiences and bundling them in categories in a 50-year saga, beginning in high school and ending with a series of reunions of friends from those times. I have included a few stories of my own from each of the five periods to get you started. Each collection will be published as a book; the first one on Reunions is available now. To read about it, click on Reunions.

I am seeking stories from our generation about remembrances you have from those unique times. Each story will be posted in the approriate category seen at the top of this page (high school, college, Vietnam, Woodstock, reunions) and archived in chronological order. Vulgar language, and sick or twisted stories will not be posted.

To send your story, fill out the form below and click on the Submit button bottom left of form.

To learn about the novels in the series (high school, college, Vietnam, Woodstock, Reunions) click on this link stories-we-can-tell.

To buy Reunions as an e-book, click on e-book for Kindle readers and tablets.  To buy Reunions as a paperback, click on Amazon. If you like to buy/order books from Barnes & Noble or Books-a-Million, you can order the book from them by providing the title (Reunions), author name (Caradoc) and ISBN number (1490405356).

Thanks for your stories. David deCalesta, writing as David S. Caradoc

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