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Stories From High School Days


Everything started in high school. Old friends, old loves, formative experiences - they shaped who we are. Here are a few of mine, from the 1956-1960 period:

5-29-2016 story: We always wondered what girls talked about when they were dating us. A friend and I double-dated to a drive-in movie. Prior to picking up our dates, we secreted a small tape recorder under the driver's seat. At the intermission, I surreptitiously turned on the recorder and we left the girls in the car, saying we would be back in a little bit with popcorn and pop. We dallied a little longer than normal, hoping to catch a juicy conversation between our dates. We couldn't wait to drop them off at their respective homes so we could listen to their recorded conversation. What a bust! Instead of talking about us (not even one word), or trading lascivious boy-girl stories they mostly talked about their hair, their clothes, how boring the movie was, and how they couldn't wait to go home. We couldn't even tell if they liked us or not. We forgot to take into account that they hardly knew each other. We tried one other time.

4-25-2016 story: Everyone remembers their first real kiss. I had a sophomore crush on a girl and somehow her mother brought her to our house on a "date ." I was fooling around trying to impress her lifting a few weights in my home-made gym. Without much warning, I leaned over and kissed her full on the lips. Pow! An instant hot flash spread from the back of my neck, down across my chest and pooled in my stomach. How sweet were those young lips. Nothing like it since.

Everyone remembers the drive-in movie experience. We'd pile into the car, hide a couple in the trunk to avoid paying for their tickets, and spend most of the time making out. I was shy, and on a first date - very decorous. After much dithering, I put my hand around her shoulder. She didn't move my hand away, but I didn't know what to do next. After about five minutes I noticed that she seemed to be breathing faster. I took that as a sign to pull her a little closer. That's when I noticed that my hand had been resting not on her shoulder as I had thought but rather on her right breast! Horribly mortified, I snatched my hand away and bolted out of the car, totally embarassed. Took me about 15 minutes to get up enough courage to get back in the car. She acted as if nothing had happened.

Here's another: Student council elections were little more than glorified popularity contests. I was running for VP with a candidate for president who was very popular and a stand-out athlete. There were the usual campaign slogans. I still cling to the notion that I was elected on the strength of one of my mine that was plastered in the boys' rooms above the urinals - "take a leak with deke" (my nickname was deke).

These remembrances will be incorporated with others into the novel (Come softly to me) about high school in the late 50s early 60s.

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