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High School

My interest in sharing stories about our generation was stimulated by an innocent encounter with an old high school girlfriend in the old home town. I thought it would make an interesting short story for one of those womens' magazines, like Redbook (no, not racy enough for Cosmopolitan). I wrote the piece, and there it sat for 4 years, until my 25th high school reunion, where I was reunited with the sights, sounds, and emotions of returning to the old high school, old hangouts, and old girlfriends. After attending about 6 more reunions (some my wife's, some mine) I had accumulated a trove of experiences that I just had to write about. So the novel Reunions was written.

Although the Reunions is written, to read a few reunion stories, click on Stories from Reunions.

The novel is published as an on-demand book by Amazon. That means that there is no inventory, but more importantly, that such books can be changed or updated at will with no difficulty.

To buy Reunions as an e-book, click on e-book for Kindle readers and tablets.  To buy Reunions as a paperback, click on Amazon. If you like to buy/order books from Barnes & Noble or Books-a-Million, you can order the book from them by providing the title (Reunions), author name (Caradoc) and ISBN number (1490405356).

So, I am interested in your reunion stories as a way to improve Reunions. To send your story, fill out the form below and click on the Submit button bottom left of form.

Thanks for your stories. David deCalesta, writing as David S. Caradoc

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