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Stories From the Woodstock Experience

High School

Woodstock was perhaps the seminal experience of our generation growing up in the 60s - war protests, bra-burnings, questioning authority, coming of age. Most of us were just starting out in jobs, some in marriages, experimenting with drugs, starting to attend high school reunions.

Unfortunately or no, I didn't have the opportunity to go to Woodstock - when our peers were attending at the Yasgur farm location in the Catskills, I had been called-up to active reserve duty to train Army ROTC graduates on how to conduct and survive guerilla warfare in Vietnam. For which college ROTC programs had left them woefully unprepared.

So I have no bank of memories of Woodstock as a foundation to write about. I have read books on it, have scanned photos of it, but did not live through it. Here is where I really need your help with stories.

Your stories will be incorporated with others into the novel (Woodstock et al.) about the Woodstock experience in the 60s.

To learn about the novels in the series (high school, college, Vietnam, Woodstock, Reunions) click on this link stories-we-can-tell.

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Thanks for your stories. David deCalesta, writing as David S. Caradoc

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