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Richard Zacharias (Zack) and Corey James went back to their 25th high school reunion, partly to see old friends and old places, and partly to see what it would be like to see each other again after 25 years of silence and scattered dreams. They were not prepared for how they would react to each other, or for what would follow. Nor were they prepared for how one of their classmates would interject himself again into their lives and re-awakened relationship as they dealt with a terrible secret they discovered about him.

Comments by readers of Reunions:

"A great start for a new writer - I look forward to the next installment! I definitely recommend it -would be good for a book club."

"Have been engrossed in this wonderful book.......up for 2 nights reading...can't put it down! I would highly recommend it! LOVE IT!!"

"Anyone who has experienced the pangs of first love or an opponent's treachery will appreciate this entertaining novel ... An added bonus is the clarity of the writing style, making it a book you can read from cover to cover without putting down. I give it a 5-star recommendation for enjoyment and reflection!"

"Reunions is an easy and fascinating read capturing the spirit of the 60's era, a 25th high school class reunion, and a rekindling of long buried feelings of a lost love. But don't be fooled by the first hundred pages. They are a launch pad for a tale of twists and turns ... filled with intrigue and suspense with an ending that will leave you wanting more."

"It took me back to how it felt to be in high school from the perspective of a man (war veteran) who deeply values his friendships and their meaning to him ... It left me with the desire to re-read it several times, and so I did."

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